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Jameson Black Barrel is a bartenders favourite. With its toffee, fudge notes and rich smooth finish, we can see why. It was born out of a tribute to our barrelmen who painstakingly double char the barrels and this Christmas it can be a toast to your friendship.

We’ve really raised the bar with this personalised Black Barrel Gift Set including 2 engraved Black Barrel Tumbler glasses and handcrafted Connemara Marble whiskey stones. Throw in an engraved Black Barrel Hip Flask, and of course a bottle of the good stuff, they may even share an engraved glass or two with you.


Note: Maximum of 26 letters or numbers including spaces available.

Bundle includes:

Jameson Black Barrel:A triple distilled blend of ‘small batch’ grain and traditional Irish pot still whiskeys, Jameson Black Barrel reveals untold richness and complexity. Every barrel contains secrets; the trick is coaxing them out. 700ml

Jameson Black Barrel Gift Set: Our new Jameson Black Barrel gift set includes one set of Connemara Marble Whiskey Stones and two engraved Black Barrel Tumbler Glasses.

Engraved Jameson Black Barrel Hip Flask: Exclusive 6oz black matte finish hip flask with the iconic Jameson Black Barrel logo embossed onto it, a funnel and a Black Barrel 50ml mini.

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