Method and Madness 28 Year Old Port Pipe

Single Pot Still and a single Ruby Port Pipe don’t meet every day. But 28 years ago, we posited a theory that the two could harmonise quite nicely over time. Theory confirmed, as you’ll see upon first sip.

This Limited Edition release is a ‘World-First’ for Irish Whiskey; a Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey aged for 6 years in Bourbon Barrels and then re-casked for a further 22 Years in a Ruby Port Cask.

Limited availability. Volume: 700ml. ABV: 56.1%

Nose: Fleshy mango, kiwi & green banana, ripe plums

Taste: Vanilla & cinnamon, Port wine, barley grains

Finish: Lingering succulent fruits, toasted oak, light spice

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