Redbreast Single Cask 19 Year Old

The Robin Redbreast is the only bird which sings continuously throughout the dark Irish winters and is one of the very few small birds that choose to winter in Ireland. It is this enduring spirit which inspires its namesake, Redbreast Irish Whiskey.

This 19-Year-Old Redbreast Single Cask Release was hand selected by our Master Blender, Billy Leighton, and bears the signature sherry style of Redbreast. Laid down to mature in 2000 in an oloroso seasoned sherry butt at Midleton Distillery, this whiskey was bottled 19 years later in 2019 and yielded 582 bottles. This bottling represents a unique and singular nuanced expression of Redbreast. Exclusively available through our distillery stores and our online shop.

Volume: 700ml ABV: 59.3%

Tasting notes:

Nose: Initial hints of sweet dried fruits of raisins and dates working in tandem with the delicate pot still spices while the toasted oak adds soft notes of vanilla with mild nutty hazelnut undertones.

Taste: Silky mouthcoating character at first that builds with the spices slowly evolving throughout while a nutty liqueur character lingers in the background with hints of coffee and bitter chocolate.

Finish: The pot still spices and dried fruits slowly fade, allowing the tannins from the oak to linger until the end.

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